Too Fast and Furious: Netflix favors quantity over quality

Netflix could be at a breaking point – the company’s shares are down and so are subscriber numbers. So says Kim Masters in an article in The Hollywood Reporter.

So what was wrong?

Journalists and insiders only speculated that Netflix’s internal management contributed to the poor ratings and performance. But now, employees and executives are publicly sharing their opinions on the company’s leadership and strategy. Many insiders believe that Netflix chose quantity over quality.

“Several creators believe that Netflix has lost much of its initial cachet by moving to cheaper, less organized, and less compelling – or, the company might say, broader – pricing that has both overwhelmed and overwhelmed some subscribers” , says Masters.

Although many industry leaders are reveling in their own success as they might surpass Netflix, most believe Netflix is ​​here to stay.

“Whether Netflix’s rocky run is really a measure of the limits of subscriber growth is unclear, no matter what Wall Street thinks. In a time of war in Europe and rising inflation, it is perhaps a bit early to write an obituary. Netflix has gotten itself out of tough spots before,” Masters says.

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