Three quality actions to follow in 2022

First of all, I wish all of my readers a Happy New Year.

In this article, I have chosen to look at the stocks that investors should follow in 2022. In an ideal world, I would like to look at the eight stocks that I have in mind, but that would make the article too long. So, I’m going to write about three of the actions today and make a video on the other five actions. I will be posting videos of these actions on my Twitter (NYSE 🙂 account throughout January.

The first equity I will cover is Heranba Industries Ltd (NS :). This is because the stock is at an interesting time. I say this because the IPO after the IPO has been stuck below its listing price. However, in 2022 I believe this trend will end. This is when the stocks formed a bullish pattern on the weekly chart, and that too in an area of ​​candle support. Thus, in the coming sessions, if it were to break through the resistance level at Rs. 700, then traders may view the trend as long term upward. If this happens the first resistance level to watch is at Rs. 735. A breakout of this could lead to a 100 point rise to the resistance area at Rs. 835. On the support front I will consider also any withdrawal to the support area at Rs. 650 as an entry possibility.

The second stock I am looking at is Clean Science and Technology Ltd (NS 🙂 and this is the one I own. The post-IPO stock in 2021 saw an excellent run as the share price rose from Rs. 1,570 to Rs. 2,500. Nonetheless, I expect the stock to rise further as it doesn’t. There is only a minor obstacle at Rs. 2,675, after which navigation is pretty much smooth. I say this because the stock has a great competitive advantage over its peers, plus it’s technically sound. The first resistance level that traders should follow is at Rs. 2,675. If the stock breaks this level, then I will add to my position with a target of Rs. 2,920 and Rs. 3,128. Once it does. reached this area, I will talk about it with the next levels or an exit plan depending on the state of the stock then.

The third stock is Antony Waste Handling Cell Pvt Ltd (NS :). I have tweeted about this equity a few times because in the past it has given me great returns. However, since September 2021, the situation has been rather difficult for the stock as it has gone from Rs. 445 to Rs 275. For this reason, two weeks ago I had tweeted that I am happy that this decline has happened. produced because it allowed me to reinstate the equity at Rs 296.

The main reason I chose to re-enter the stock in the midst of the market fall is that the stock had reached a major support area which is between Rs. 280 and Rs. 290. I classify this as a key area as stocks have tested this area several times since October and it has consistently held up with decent volume. Additionally, one of my momentum systems is showing a change occurring on the weekly chart. If this change in momentum is confirmed this week, then we will see a strong reversal to the upside. If this happens the resistance levels to watch on the upside are at Rs. 385 and Rs. 435.

Overall, Antony Waste Handling and Heranba Industries are at a critical juncture which can be very profitable for traders in the medium term. However, clean energy should be traded differently as it is currently in a long-term recovery phase. So, if you are making a new entry into the stock, you should trade it with some caution. However, for the other two you have to give them more leeway because they are at the bottom.

Good luck with the trade.

Disclaimer: The investments mentioned by Sandeep Singh Ahluwalia may not be suitable for all investors. Thus, you should rely on your analysis and judgment before making any investment decisions. The report provided is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as a proposal to buy or sell any securities.

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