The launch of 3D NFT is a game-changer – With a “Street Fighter” – Quality game included

This Thursday, November 11, NIFTY APE NATION is launching its next-generation, AI-enabled interactive 3D NFTs, showing what a talented and independent team of coders and digital artists can do (hint: it’s all about a true metaverse, not the idea of ​​1), setting in motion a cascade of growing opportunities for the NFT community, from e-commerce and technology, to governance and beyond. Behind this collection lies the following story: The “monkeys” or retail stock traders, representing the 99%, are fighting for a transparent and fair stock market – think Occupy Wall St. 2.0.

As Robbie Norris, Creative Director of NIFTY APE NATION, explained, “Nifty Ape Nation’s NFT 3D Ai sets a new bar for utility as art, finance and entertainment collide. The AI ​​capabilities of our NFTs are truly revolutionary. We are especially excited to create e-commerce opportunities for our community in our decentralized “Ape Island” metaverse. On behalf of our creator-driven community, we’re excited to put the power of 3D animation and entertainment intellectual property in people’s hands.

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THE LAUNCH EVENT takes place on November 11, 2021 on Twitter Spaces from 11:11 a.m. PST to 11 p.m. PST. Follow @niftyapenation. Special guests include Ying Yang Twins, ProTheDoge, Trey’s Trades, The Masked Investor, and Jackson Hunter, among others.

Key information:

  1. NIFTY APE NATION is launching a revolutionary collection of 8888 next-generation interactive 3D NFTs which will come with a premium utility, starting with our video game ‘Ape Fight Club’. Take a look at the game here.
  2. These NFTs are AI compatible. We can train any NFT monkey to be an expert on any subject. For example, we have translator monkeys who can speak up to 27 languages. This will have a major impact on teaching methods and allow creators such as YouTube streamers to create international reach. They will also be able to let their monkey manage their chains while they sleep, while creating value for their NFT.
  3. Our ‘Ape Island’ metaverse is built and launched in the first quarter of 2022. It will be open source for all NFT holders to build and create e-commerce opportunities for themselves. What powerful corporations plan to do for their own ends we have already built; however our mission is to make it a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). NFT holders will be able to sell fungible assets in our metaverse.
  4. Governance – each holder of NFT has a voice and a vote on the direction of future collaborations and efforts. Percentages of our proceeds are used for financial education, philanthropy, and support for independent artists.
  5. This technology is made by DNA BLOCK. The software is called Replikant. This is an exclusive and one-of-a-kind animation platform that will give a vast community of creators access to the tools they need to create top-quality 3D animation content. Premium animation content will no longer be inaccessible to the 99%.

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