Tesla Model S Plaid Build Quality is no longer “90s Kia” Terrible, still needs work

  • Tesla’s Model S is screwed a little tighter this year
  • Sandy Munro, who reviewed the build quality of the S, also owns Tesla stock
  • According to Consumer Reports, Tesla still has a long way to go

By now, we’ve all heard stories about Tesla’s build quality. Needless to say, the EV maker has struggled to deliver quality products for quite some time now. However, a Youtuber says things are looking up at Tesla, at least when it comes to the Tesla Model S Plaid. The good news? He’s already slammed the Model 3, lending the whole thing some credence. The bad news? It is complicated.

The Tesla Model S Plaid is the fastest Tesla yet | You’re here

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Tesla Model S build quality is improving, but not enough

Let’s start with Sandy Munro tearing down the Model S Plaid he purchased. You can watch this video below. Munro’s biggest gripes revolve around two things: the rear seats and the windows. Munro spends several minutes talking about the wind noise present in the Plaid. Not great for an EV with an unreal 0-60 time of 2.1 seconds. Apparently a bad seal is the cause, and at one point the window trim simply comes off in Munro’s hand. Then there are the rear seats, which Munro says aren’t suitable for a car over $130,000. Plain and simple, they are not comfortable.

The rest of the video is all up. Munro praises the clever design of some of the Tesla Model S Plaid’s cogs, as well as the car’s easy-to-maintain front end. Most trim parts require no tools and are securely fused to the EV frame. All good things, especially coming from someone who compared the build quality of the Tesla Model 3 to a “90s Kia” with holes in the panels “that you can see from Mars”. In short, it’s safe to say that the build quality of Tesla’s flagship is generally on point despite some issues.

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Is the Tesla Model S worth it?

A cutaway of the Tesla Model S substructure and frame

The frame that holds the Tesla Model S together | You’re here

…but I had people advising me on what to do and I was just saying, “listen, do whatever you want,” and now I own Tesla stock.

Sandy Munro, HyperClips Podcast

Now comes the “it’s complicated” part mentioned in the intro. Sandy Munro has publicly admitted to owning Tesla stock (video linked above). So, we have to take everything Munro says with a grain of salt. Someone who has a vested interest in the financial health of a business is simply not able to give their unbiased opinion on said mark. I looked for another source to confirm or refute Munro’s findings in the Model S.

Consumer Reports rates a car’s overall merit on a scale of 100, with the Tesla Model S ranking at 60/100. Of course, a big gripe was the Tesla Yoke wheel. But the biggest knock on the Tesla Model S’s score is reliability, which CR rated at 1/5. In the face of Tesla’s numerous recalls and over-the-air updates, it’s not hard to see why. Consumer Reports also found “several less-than-uniform panel gaps” and some lower trim pieces got in the way of what is otherwise a premium product.

Elon Musk has a long way to go

A white Tesla Model 3 Performance taken from the front 3/4

The Tesla Model 3 with the Performance Pack | You’re here

While quality efforts appear to have improved at Tesla, Elon Musk and CO. clearly have a long way to go. While no one can deny the brand’s influence on EV culture or its mastery of electric performance, the rest of the Tesla experience is clearly still lacking. FSD is, quite simply, dangerous. Add that to a growing list of reminders, and things look grim. Hopefully 2022 brings a turnaround for the most popular electric vehicle maker on the planet.

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