ramkrishna: NSE case: forensic analysis of seized gadgets ordered

Agencies investigating email exchanges between former Chief Executive and National Stock Exchange chief executive Chitra Ramkrishna and a person described as a ‘yogi’ have ordered a cyber forensic analysis of cellphones and other electronic gadgets seized in the recent raids .

The Income Tax Department and the Central Bureau of Investigation are carrying out parallel investigations into the revelations made in the recent order of the Securities and Exchange Board of India that Ramkrishna was guided by a faceless “yogi” for over 20 years to make decisions at work. . As the tax department investigates suspicions of tax evasion, the CBI is investigating the former CEO in his 2018 NSE roommate case for alleged bribery and abuse of office.

People in the know said the digital forensic analysis was necessary because Ramkrishna and Anand Subramanian, then head of group operations and adviser to the CEO, allegedly told interrogators that they could not remember IDs or names. email passwords. On Thursday and Friday, the IT department raided the residences of Ramkrishna and Subramanian in Mumbai and Chennai, respectively. The CBI also carried out searches at Ramkrishna’s home in Mumbai on Friday and recorded his statement.

“Both argue that since the emails are from 2015, they do not remember email ids or passwords…a cyber forensic investigation into electronic gadgets like their cell phones will help determine the exact identity and so the same was ordered,” an official with knowledge of the development said.

According to those in the know, the NSE had told investigative agencies that office laptops given to Ramkrishna and Subramanian had been politically destroyed. “A record of the destruction of these gadgets is also kept with the NSE which has been shared with investigators. Now that the laptops are missing, the email IP address is one of the reliable ways to verify As the information once received cannot be challenged by those who are questioned, they could be confronted with the evidence received through forensic analysis,” said one of the officials.

The people said that the CBI investigating the NSE co-location issue would soon summon Ravi Narain, who was a former managing director and CEO and then chairman of the NSE.

Investigation to find the ultimate beneficiary

“Although verifying the identity of the private person (yogi) with whom Ramkrishna was in contact is at the center of the new investigation, the case concerns the misuse of the colocation facility offered by the exchange and, by Therefore, the questioning of Narain is important. It was during his tenure that the scam originated and therefore he will be questioned in due course,” another official said.

“The crux of the investigation is to find out who the ultimate beneficiary was and therefore all those relevant to the investigation period will be interviewed in due course.”

On Friday, based on CBI’s request, a surveillance circular prohibiting foreign travel was issued against Narain, Ramkrishna and Subramanian.

In 2018, the CBI booked Sanjay Gupta, the promoter of OPG Security, his brother-in-law Aman Kokrady and fellow researcher Ajay Shah, along with unidentified NSE and Sebi officials in the co-location case.

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