Process and control today | Neat, high quality ABS enclosures easily punched or drilled to suit different applications – BCL’s T and HBT range general purpose boxes with lids

Black, light gray and white, plus 200 RAL colours; matte and polished finishes; six sizes

BCL Enclosures’ T and HBT ranges of small, versatile boxes with lids are molded in ABS for maximum strength, but can easily be punched or drilled to suit different applications. These high quality, professional looking enclosures are available from stock in three standard colors – black, white or light gray – plus a wide range of other RAL colors which can be supplied on request. The T1-26, HBT3 and HBT4 cases come in a matte finish in all three colors, while the T2, T3 and T4 models have a polished finish.

There are six different general-purpose boxes in the T and HBT range: T1-26 measures 40mm x 28mm x 18mm with a nominal wall thickness of 1.0mm; HBT3 measures 73.5mm x 51mm x 25.5mm with a nominal wall thickness of 1.75mm; T2 measures 75mm x 56mm x 25mm with a nominal wall thickness of 1.5mm; T3 measures 75mm x 51mm x 27mm with a nominal wall thickness of 1.5mm; T4 measures 111mm x 57mm x 22mm with a nominal wall thickness of 2.0mm; HBT4 measures 113mm x 59mm x 24mm with a nominal wall thickness of 1.75mm.

The covers are held securely by four countersunk head self-tapping screws. Replacement self-tapping screws can be ordered in packs of 100 in sizes to suit each model and are either black passivated countersunk posidrive screws for black boxes or zinc plated countersunk posidrive screws for white boxes.

BCL’s customization services include drilling or punching custom cutouts to fit individual applications and screen printing. Additionally, most of BCL’s enclosures can also be molded in different materials if required. Specification and customization advice is readily available from the experienced staff at the company’s UK offices.

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