nuzividu rasalu: buyers complain about the poor quality of mangoes | Vijayawada News

Vijayawada: Good quality Nuzividu Rasalu mangoes finally hit the market on Tuesday. Fruit markets across the city offer the Chinna Rasalu variety at an all-time high of 900 per dozen.
This year, crop damage from black spot, leaf curl and sooty mold infection affected supply. Strong demand in domestic and international markets is another factor behind the skyrocketing price of mangoes.
While higher quality fruits sell in the export market at around 95,000 per ton, lower quality fruits are for local consumption.
In Vijayawada, 150 stalls were set up at Nirmala Convent Junction, Eluru Lakulu, Fruit Market, Kaleswara Rao market, among other markets.
Despite the skyrocketing prices, you could see people rushing past the stalls to buy the seasonal fruits. “We offer the first mangoes to our favorite ancestors and gods every year at the beginning of summer. We usually do this the first week of April. Due to insufficient stock, we have waited until now. Despite the high price, the quality is very poor,” K Lalitha, a housewife, told TOI.
Mango sellers said the export market eclipsed local sales. “The intermediaries show more interest in selling fruit to exporters than to local sellers. We are approaching farmers to source stocks directly,” said M Nagendra, a trader from Kedareswarapet fruit market.
Meanwhile, the delay in the mango harvest has impacted the making of mango pickles. Eight varieties of mango pickles are made locally. The makers have said that fruits with black spots are not suitable for pickles, so they probably won’t make them this season.

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