New ‘green’ bus shelters in Swansea will help improve air quality

Swansea Council is replacing more than 100 aging bus shelters across the city, many of which were installed 30 years ago. The new shelters are supplied by Bus Shelters Ltd.

Part of the city-wide upgrade will include 10 new green-roof bus shelters, with natural plants on top, which can help filter dust particles and contribute to better air quality.

The ‘green’ bus shelters will be installed along the route at Mumbles Road, Oystermouth Road, Quay Parade, Walter Road and St Helen’s Road.

Mark Thomas, Cabinet Member for Environmental Improvement and Infrastructure Management, said: “Our current stock of bus shelters has been in place for many decades and needs upgrading.

“We are planning the installation of more than 100 new shelters over the next few months.

“We have also decided to install a number of eco-friendly bus shelters along some of our busy bus routes around the city. Although they may seem like a novelty to some, they will certainly contribute to our broader work to improve air quality and hopefully will also help raise awareness of the importance of green infrastructure when the public will see them.

“The new green bus shelters will also complement our development of Copr Bay Coastal Park, where we are introducing green space for the public to enjoy.”

The initial phase of this upgrade program will include the removal of existing bus shelters. New shelters will then be installed shortly thereafter.

Cllr Thomas added: ‘Bus passengers may be without their usual bus shelter for a short time between the removal of old equipment and the replacement of the new shelter. We aim to keep this period of time to a minimum so that passengers are not too inconvenienced. »

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