meloni: Elections in Italy: Who is Giorgia Meloni? Read to know

The leader of the Brothers of Italy party, Giorgia Meloni, said she had an unbroken relationship with history while adding in an interview that former fascist leader Benito Mussolini had a rather complex personality.

The political career of Giorgia Meloni

At the age of 15, Meloni joined the youth wing of the neo-fascist Italian Social Movement party to take a stand against terrorism in Italy at that time.

Meloni founded the Brothers of Italy and has led the party since 2014. Meloni is also embarking on an election campaign with the slogan “Italy and the Italian people first!”

Giorgia Meloni took over the presidency of the European Conservatives and Reformists party in 2020.

Since entering politics, Meloni has spent her entire career as an MP and party official.

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Helicopter crews and drones were searching for around 15 people missing in the Italian Alps on Monday after part of a mountain glacier collapsed.

Giorgia Meloni and her vague views of the past

Meloni has yet to distance herself from fascism and even wrote in her autobiography that she is well aware that she is navigating a political minefield.

She further wrote that we are children of history and we have come a more complex and convoluted path than others want to know.

Meloni rejects the common cult to fascism. However, whenever she holds a press conference at the party headquarters, a fascist can be clearly seen.


  1. What is the fascist symbol always seen in Giorgia Meloni’s press conference at party headquarters?
    The fascist symbol is the logo of the Brothers of Italy, which is a flame in the colors green, white and red. The national colors of Italy are green, white and red. This flame burns symbolically on the tomb of Mussolini.
  2. What did Giorgia Meloni do during the last election campaign?
    The politician plans to move the party to the centre-right. Currently, Giorgia Meloni plans to overhaul the party to appeal to the middle class. Last fall, Meloni sent numerous group memos to the party asking them to stop making any references to fascism and even asking them to stop making extreme comments.

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