Electrica tops first-rate lows on Bucharest stock exchange, indices drop


BUCHAREST (Romania), November 15 (SeeNews) – Romanian electricity supplier and distributor Electrica [BSE:EL] led the declines among the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) blue chips on Monday, according to stock exchange data.

Total turnover of BVB shares fell to 43 million lei ($ 9.95 million / 8.69 million euros) on Monday, from 53 million lei on Friday, according to BVB data.

Blue chip lender Banca Transilvania [BSE:TLV] lost 0.57% to 2.6350 lei in the day’s highest turnover of 9.89 million lei.

Electrica dominated the blue chip declines on Monday, as its share price fell 4.63% to 10.7 lei in the second highest turnover of the day of 5.5 million lei.

Top-rated investment fund Fondul Proprietatea [BSE:FP] rose 1.45% to 1.8240 lei in the third highest turnover of the day of 4.5 million lei. The fund announced that it recorded a net profit of 3.097 billion lei in the nine months leading up to September, compared to a net loss of 726.4 million lei in the same period of 2020.

Details follow:

Index Closing value Daily change
BET 12 832.89 0.00%
BET-TR 22,709.92 -0.01%
BET-FI 52,038.20 0.36%
BETPlus 1,815.15 0.11%
PARI-NG 868.39 -0.42%
PARI-XT 2,000.84 -0.02%
PARI-XT-TR 1,879.43 -0.09%
PARI-BK 2,526.90 -0.18%
ROTX 27,395.75 -0.12%
BETAeRO 1,017.05 -0.60%

BET is the first index developed by BVB and represents the benchmark index for the local capital market. The BET reflects the performance of the most traded companies on the BVB regulated market, excluding financial investment companies (SIF). It now includes 20 companies.

BET-TR is the first total return index launched by BVB. It is based on the structure of the benchmark BET market index. BET-TR tracks changes in the price of its component shares and is adjusted to also reflect dividends paid by the constituent companies.

BET-FI is the first sector index launched by the BVB and reflects the price variations of RIS and other similar entities.

BET-BK has been designed to be used as a benchmark by asset managers and other institutional investors.

BET-NG is a sector index which reflects the evolution of all companies listed on BVB’s regulated market included in the energy and related utilities sector. The maximum index weight that a company can hold is 30%.

BET-XT tracks the price movements of the 25 most listed companies on the BVB regulated market, including RIS.

BET-XT-TR is the total return version of the BET-XT index, which includes the 25 most traded Romanian companies listed on the BVB.

ROTX is an index developed by BVB in collaboration with the Vienna Stock Exchange. It follows, in real time, the price changes of blue chip shares traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

BET AeRO is the first index for the AeRO market developed by BVB that reflects the price performance of representative companies listed on the AeRO market that meet the criteria of liquidity and free float market capitalization. It is a free float market capitalization weighted index, with a maximum weight of 15% for any component of the index.

(1 euro = 4.9489 lei)

Banca Transilvania SA is one of the largest banks in South East Europe. For more references, take a look at the Top 100 Banks


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