Drinkers judge the quality of wine “by the price and label design”


Brand new research has found consumers judge wine quality based on its cost and the label’s appearance – but they can’t tell a £ 6 bottle from a £ 36 bottle in tests blind tasting.

Economy supermarket Aldi has partnered with Oxford University food psychologist Professor Charles Spence to conduct extensive consumer research that has yielded the results.

The study, commissioned by Aldi, found that a photo of a French chateau on the label is most likely to convince buyers that the wine is top notch.

In fact, when asked to rate wines in order of presumed quality, 34% of consumers rated a £ 10 bottle of wine with a chateau label image as the most premium, while only 15% chose a £ 95 bottle – the most expensive, which had a beige background and black italic writing.

But when asked to taste a variety of wines as part of the research, more drinkers preferred a £ 6 bottle to a £ 36 bottle. In an independent ‘blind tasting test’ in which the wines were smelled, tasted and rated, a £ 6.49 bottle of discounted supermarket wine was found to be preferable to a £ 36 bottle. purchased from an independent wine store.

The preference was also reflected in the cost consumers were willing to pay for the wine – an average of £ 9.97 for the cheapest bottle compared to just £ 7.77 for the most expensive bottle.

Research also found that 25% of drinkers believe having a cork rather than a screw top indicates high quality wine.

Professor Spence said: “The results clearly show that you don’t always get what you pay for in terms of preference, when tasting wines blind.

“This is completely consistent with many previous studies showing that there is little relationship between the taste and the price of wines. As the survey indicates that buyers often use price as a factor of quality, this classic buying behavior can often cost customers thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime.

Julie Ashfield, Managing Director of Purchasing at Aldi UK, said: “While buyers often think they are affording a premium tasting option when tasting a bottle of wine, the reverse can often be true. . Even the most savvy buyers are to blame for this mistake and it can lead buyers to waste money on the assumption that spending more will get them a better product.

“It turns out that you should never judge a bottle of wine by its price.

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