DocuSign: How Techbridge Girls Helps Girls from Marginalized Communities Access Quality STEM Education

For more than twenty years, Techbridge Girls (TBG) has worked to equip Black, Indigenous Youth (BIPOC) and all girls of color and gender with the tools to achieve economic mobility through a thriving STEM career. By providing ‘education gatekeepers’, like after-school teachers, with STEM programs, rigorous training, and pre-equipped materials, TBG delivers meaningful STEM experiences to build girls’ interest and access. to well-paying jobs. Serving more than 10,000 girls each year, this non-profit organization uses DocuSign eSignature to facilitate partnerships with after-school programs and to protect the organization’s intellectual property.

At the onset of the pandemic, Techbridge Girls’ events and in-person classes were significantly affected by the new social distancing standards. By using DocuSign eSignature, TBG has not only adapted to the demands of a global health crisis, but, by using digital signatures, it has also improved the efficiency and accessibility of their services. With DocuSign, Techbridge Girls is able to:

  • Automate the process of securing agreements with partners

  • Collect electronic signatures on intellectual property documents

  • Maintain a consistent brand image across all of their digital contracts

The change to these three processes is one of the reasons Techbridge Girls is thriving and reaching more girls than ever.

Increase access to economic empowerment with electronic signature

For Techbridge Girls, inspiring a love of STEM begins with providing Out-of-School Educators (OSTs) with high-quality STEM lessons and resources. Partnerships with schools and other educational organizations are the backbone to uplift girls from marginalized communities and open the door to possibility. Although simple in principle, these partnerships involve a lot of administrative paperwork for an already stretched educator.

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic challenged TBG to make their programs virtual, it also gave them the ability to streamline their tuning processes. Techbridge Girls uses DocuSign eSignature to simplify agreements with out-of-school time programs, saving them both time and extending their reach.

For nonprofits like TBG, however they can save resources and ensure their daughters and educators can remove administrative barriers to accessing fun and engaging STEM learning, it’s a big deal. victory for everyone. As TBG Vice President of Growth and Strategic Partnerships Meeta Sharma-Holt attests, “There is a way for DocuSign to automate these processes that saves us a lot of time and money.”

Instead of manually uploading and filing partner documents, program partners let DocuSign automate these tasks for them, allowing OST educators to spend more time doing what they came to do: helping girls. towards a financially secure future.

And now that TBG classes can be delivered in person or online, DocuSign eSignature is helping Techbridge Girls keep their programs exclusive. By facilitating the easy signing of intellectual property contracts, TBG can continue to be a resource for BIPOC girls and sexually sensitive youth who seek to pursue their STEM aspirations and contribute their brilliance to the STEM revolution. While protecting its intellectual property which took 20 years to build and cultivate.

Allow smoother agreements within a national organization

Due to the success of their DocuSign implementations, TBG plans to expand its use of electronic signatures to other contracting processes. From photo releases to mission statement agreements, families and volunteers at TBG can use electronic signatures to sign digital documents on mobile devices, from virtually anywhere.

“When we work in marginalized communities, we must always be aware of their access to technology,” says Sharma-Holt. In a community short of PCs and tablets, but with a high prevalence of smartphones, the DocuSign mobile app enables TBG to obtain digital signatures from the phones of signatories. A quick text message with instructions guides Techbridge Girls through the intuitive signing process.

Facilitate the achievement of their missions by associations

As Techbridge Girls creates access to its material for out-of-school time programs nationwide, the flexibility of DocuSign allows all TBG documents to have a unified brand appearance and support update efforts. scale of the nonprofit organization. As TBG expands its reach, DocuSign eSignature is there for them, ensuring they have the support, security and ease of agreement to connect STEM volunteers to girls struggling for a better, more economically stable future.

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