Disappointed with the quality of the official Mahindra XUV700 remote control


Neither the branding is what it claimed to be, nor is the new Mahindra logo even embossed properly.

BHPian IamNikhil recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I was looking forward to the keychain as it had been out of stock on the M2All site for so long. I finally ordered it last week and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it; this was going to be my first “official accessory” from the XUV 700. I’m not even kidding, but by the time I opened the package I was not only stunned, but really wanted to throw it straight at the trash can ! The only term that comes to mind after seeing the alleged keychain: THIRD CLASS.

What a serious disappointment, Mahindra! It literally looks like an item picked up from a street vendor! Neither the branding is what it claimed to be, nor is the new Mahindra logo even embossed properly (it’s angled!). For a price of 1,099 / – including postage, it’s a cruel joke to say the least! The visual benchmark on the portal was an elegant and sophisticated product. Cheap doesn’t even begin to describe this monstrosity!

Here is what BHPian Wadewilson had to say about it:

Received one of my orders from m2all for the XUV 7OO. The remote control cover as mentioned by other BHPians is pathetic and doesn’t seem to match the price it carries. It was like something you can get from the roadside vendors. Mahindra really needs to improve her game in the prop space – it’s just terrible. Anyway, I also ordered some pedal covers, I will update the thread when I receive them. I hope that at least the pedal covers would be of better quality.

I just wanted to ask other BHPians who have already purchased from m2all for other Mahindra cars that – is this the level of quality that Mahindra provides in their accessories offerings for other Mahindra cars? I wanted to order a few more items from m2all, but now I’m wary of their official accessories site and plan to buy accessories from third party sellers (local accessory stores) instead.

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