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After April-June, the task of the MPC would be to guide inflation towards its 4% target. That may prove tougher than losing height in the tolerance band, the central bank said.

RBI Newsletter |  Inflation will fall to 5% in the first quarter of FY24, but is not yet positioned to land

  • RK Damani’s DMart eyes five-fold growth in booming market

  • Sona Comstar shares plunge after Blackstone sells its stake in the company

  • Raju Srivastava ‘almost brain dead’ says chief adviser: report

  • Moneycontrol Pro Panorama | 60K summit view

  • Apple may soon start showing ads on its iPhone apps: report

  • Supertech twin towers: 3,700 kg of explosives to demolish buildings in seconds

  • DRDO is developing a facial recognition system capable of penetrating masks, disguises

  • Adani Total Gas slashes PNG and CNG prices after government intervention

  • Japan wants young people to drink more alcohol and launches a national contest

  • Man Recalls Drunk Night With Elon Musk, Keanu Reeves In Bizarre Email Claims He Made Up ‘PayPal’

  • Over 97 lakh domestic air passengers in July, 7.6% lower than June: DGCA

  • Apple is targeting September 7 for the launch of the iPhone 14 in a multitude of devices

  • Mahindra launches two EV sub-brands, five EV concepts, launch from December 2024 OVERDRIVE

  • As India’s economy triples in size over the next 15 years, bet on these sectors, says Ravi Gopalakrishnan of Sundaram MF

  • Everything you need to know about Flow, a startup valued at $1 billion before it even launched

  • Closing Bell: Nifty erases losses to finish flat at 17,956, Sensex gains 38 points after volatile trading session

  • Up to 21% Annualized Return Over Five Years: How These Small-Cap and Mid-Cap PMS Strategies Got It

  • Stocks to watch today | ONGC, Infibeam Avenues, GAIL India and others in the news today

  • MC Exclusive | Wipro is withholding variable payments for the April-June quarter for mid-level and senior employees

  • Salman Rushdie striker came back changed after trip to Lebanon, locked himself in basement, says mum

  • Mamata Banerjee changes her political line amid growing corruption and violence in West Bengal

  • List of gifts scammer Sukesh Chandrashekar gave to actor Jacqueline Fernandez

  • Viral video: When S Jaishankar and his son went to an American restaurant, it happened

  • Exclusive :

  • Nifty 17900 and above, Sensex 435 and above – Nifty 17900 and above

  • एक्सपायरी के दिन बाजार का मूड खराब, Sensex 600 अंक तक टूटा, जानिए वजह?

  • Policybazaar iPo Régond: क्या आपको शेयर भी नहीं मिले पैसे भी नहीं लौटे तो ज जानिए है मामला मामला?

  • नवाब मलिक के दामाद ने देवेंद्र को भेजा 5 करोड़ रुपये का का नोटिस नोटिस

  • Kafeel Khan: योगी सरकार ने गोरखपुर के BRD कॉलेज के डॉ. More information

  • क्रिप्टो करेंसी पर आई आरबीआई गवर्नर चेतावनी चेतावनी, कहा फाइनेंशियल स्टेबिलिटी के से हैरनाक हैरनाक

  • SBI या Post office? जानिए आपको कहां निवेश करके सबसे ज्यादा ब्याज- जानें डिटेल्स

  • Nykaa iPo: फाल्गुनी नायर की दौलत में इजाफा, अरबपतियों की लिस्ट हुईं शामिल शामिल

  • Yes titles ने कमजोर q2 नतीजों के बाद इस सीमेंट स्टॉक की रेटिंग रेटिंग, जानिए वजह?

  • MSCI इंडेक्स में कल होगा का ऐलान ऐलान, जाने कौन सी होंगी शामिल और कौन बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर

  • Kangana Ranaut: जानें, पद्म पुरस्कारों के दौरान क्यों जौहर को ढूंढ रही थीं कंगना रनौत?

  • Laununchage e-Gca: ज्योतिरादित्य सिंधिया ने ऑनलाइन प्लेटफॉर्म e-gca किया लॉन्च, मिलेंगी dgca की 298 सर्विसेज

  • यूएस एफडीए से लगा झटका, ये फार्मा शेयर 4% टूटा, क्या है आपके पास?

  • कोरोना वायरस महामारी से फैला 80 लाख टन प्लास्टिक कचरा – रिपोर्ट रिपोर्ट

Last name Price To change % changes
Indiabulls Hsg 133.10 1.75 1.33
ntpc 160.80 -0.65 -0.4
Sbi 532.35 4.20 0.8
Nhpc 34.65 0.55 1.61




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Syrma SGS View profile Initial Public Offering 209 836.42 – 840.13 68 12-08 18-08
Olatech Solution View profile initial public offering of an SME 27 1.89 4000 12-08 19-08
Naturo Indiabul View profile initial public offering of an SME 30 10.92 4000 22-08 24-08
Rhetan TMT View profile initial public offering of an SME 70 56 2000 22-08 25-08
Equity Issue price Registration date Ad open close ad Listing Earnings % CPM Current Earnings %
Healthy life ten 26-07 10.29 9.34 -6.6 9.66 -3.40
Veerkrupa Jewel 27 18-07 54.75 25.65 -5 72.85 169.81
B Right Realest 153 13-07 155.00 154.00 0.65 147.00 -3.92
Jayant Infra 67 13-07 76.00 79.80 19.1 294.55 339.63
Scheme Fund category information Purchase order Opening date Closing date
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Equity Type Issue price Size of the problem Lot size Subscription Open issue Closing the issue

Veekayem Fashio View profile

initial public offering of an SME 28 4.44 0 05-08 11-08

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