Brokers optimistic on Syncona despite economic uncertainty

The Syncona (LON: SYNC) the share price rose by 7.12% over the past month and it is currently trading at 189.6p. For investors who plan to buy, hold or sell the shares, the question now is whether this price race will continue.

According to business analysts, there is certainly reason to believe that it will continue to perform well in the year to come. In terms of commercial recommendations, Syncona currently has:

  • 2 To buy recommendations
  • 1 Socket recommendations
  • 0 To sell recommendations

This suggests that analysts generally positive on the outlook.


Research Beyond Broker Predictions

At its current price of 189.6p, shares in Syncona are traded at a discount of -32.3% at its highest price of 52 weeks. The 1-year performance of the shares was -26.2%.

While analysts’ forecasts can be a useful guide to what City “experts” think about a stock’s near-term future, it can be unreliable. To get a better idea of ​​Syncona’s strengths and weaknesses, it is worth doing a survey yourself. Indeed, we have identified some areas of concern with Syncona which you can find out here.

Alternatively, if you want to find more stocks that analysts are bullish on, you can find them on this Positive Momentum & Broker Buys screen.

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