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After years of low interest rates, many investors have turned to stocks not only for their growth potential, but also for strong and reliable dividends that help provide a stream of income. This equates to total return, which is one of the most powerful investment strategies.

We like to remind our readers about the impact of total return on portfolios, as it is one of the best ways to improve the chances of overall investment success. Again, total return is the combined increase in a share’s value plus dividends. For example, if you buy a stock at $ 20 that pays a 3% dividend and it goes up to $ 22 in a year, your total return is 13%. That is 10% for the increase in the share price and 3% for the dividends paid.

Four major companies are expected to increase their dividends this week. So we sifted through our 24/7 research universe in Wall St. and found that all of their stocks are rated Buy from some of the best companies on Wall Street. While it’s always possible that not all of these companies will increase their dividends, top analysts expect them to, and generally the data is based on past increases in the company’s dividend payouts. .

It is also important to remember that no analyst report should be used as the sole basis for any buy or sell decision.


It’s a great way for investors to play in the information technology segment. Accenture PLC (NYSE: ACN) provides consulting, technology and outsourcing services worldwide.

The Company’s Communications, Media & Technology segment provides professional services to clients to accelerate and achieve digital transformation, develop industry-specific solutions, and improve efficiency and business outcomes for communications, media, high technology, software and platforms.

The Financial Services segment provides services for the pressures on profitability, industry consolidation, regulatory changes and the need to continuously adapt to new digital technologies for the banking, capital market and insurance industries. .

Its Healthcare and Utilities segment provides consulting services and digital solutions to help clients achieve social, economic and health outcomes for payers and healthcare providers, government departments and agencies, service organizations. public, educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

Shareholders currently receive a dividend of 1.06%. The company is expected to increase the dividend from $ 0.88 per share to $ 0.95.

BofA Securities has a target price of $ 379 on Accenture shares. The Wall Street consensus target is only $ 338.06 and shares closed Monday at $ 332.29.

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