Best Blue Chip NFT Projects to Watch in 2022

Are you looking for the best Blue Chip NFT projects that can be used as a support for long-term investments? Crypto punks are one of the best top notch NFT projects in 2022!

“Blue-chip” as a term originates from the stock market. It refers to any stock or investment known for its financial stability and guarantees of profitable operation regardless of the market situation.

In most cases, Blue Chip NFT projects have shown a record of high growth and revenue, which qualifies them to serve as a stable and long-term investment, especially for blockchain enthusiasts and tech-savvy individuals. . It is generally expected that such investments will yield high returns.

On the other hand, NFTs, an acronym for Non-Fungible Tokens, are tradable digital collectibles and have unique characteristics verifiable on a blockchain.

Today’s guide will provide insight and a deeper look at the best NFT Blue Chip projects in 2022.

Top 5 Blue Chip NFT Projects in 2022

Before choosing an NFT project that matches your investment preferences, you should consider several factors. These factors include its content, floor price, sales volume, and usefulness.

We have covered a brief overview of the top 5 blue chip NFT projects in 2022 below.

1) Crypto Punk: Best Overall NFT Blue Chip Project in 2022

with a record sale of $532 million in October 2021 for one of its assets – the crypto punk #9998; crypto punk remains the overall Best Blue-Chip NFT project in 2022 based on its value and market demand.

Crypto punk is an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain, and the ERC-721 standard hosts most digital arts and collectibles. Crypto punk consists of up to 10,000 24×24 pixels that are algorithmically generated. These pixels feature images of a random person smoking a pipe or wearing a hat.

For NFT-loving investors, it would be interesting to note that an average punk crypto can be worth a lot of money! The market value makes crypto punks the best blue chip NFT project. Moreover, there will only be 10,000 crypto punks, which creates a shortage among holders and helps to drive up selling prices.

For example, crypto punk #7804 earned the owner over $7.5 million. So, if you are thinking of a money-making guaranteed NFT project, fund your wallet and go for a crypto punk.

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2) Bored Ape Yacht Club: Best Blue Chip NFT Project for Commercial Use Rights

Bored Ape Yacht Club Best Blue Chip NFT Project for Commercial Use Rights

what makes the Bored Ape Yacht Club on the list of top NFT projects is its unique collection of 10,000 Bored Ape NFTs and digital collectibles (arts) hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

A Bored Ape costs 0.08 ETH, and there are only 10,000 Bored Ape tokens. This automatically creates a market scarcity for demand, which is the main factor driving up the market price. Likewise, owners of Bored Ape tokens have sole ownership and trading rights to their NFT.

These benefits collectively make Bored Ape Yacht Club one of the best Blue Chip NFT projects in 2022 that are a worthwhile investment for NFT enthusiasts.

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3) Azuki: Top Rated Blue Chip NFT Project for Anime Lovers

Azuki: Top Rated Blue Chip NFT Project For Anime Lovers

Azuki’s huge number of followers garnered a few months after its debut is a factor that ranks it among the top-rated top-rated NFT projects. Azuki boasts of a collection of 10,000 avatars known for their anime-themed design, which is especially appealing to NFT enthusiasts who love anime.

An Azuki grants its holder access to live events, exclusive NFT releases, and streetwear collaborations. With a total sales volume of 190,000 ETH as of April 2022 and a net worth of $540 million, Azuki has seemingly proven its credibility as one of the most beloved blue chip NFT projects, guaranteeing a return on investment. optimum.

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4) Doodles: Best Blue Chip NFT Project with exciting visual features

Doodles: Best Blue Chip NFT Project with exciting visual features

As a premier NFT project, Doodles offers a collection of 10,000 NFTs renowned for their unique visual characteristics designed by Burnt Toast. Some of Doodle’s collections include rare heads, costumes, and colors from an artist’s palette. Likewise, Doodle offers collectors unique experiences like the Space Doodle.

More fundamentally, the Doodle Bank serves as a community treasury for collectors, with total assets valued at over $5 million.

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5) World of Women: popular NFT Blue Chip project for an inclusive society enthusiast.

World of Women: Popular Blue Chip NFT Project for an Inclusive Society Enthusiast.

The 21st century has witnessed many debates that continue to revolve around topical issues such as an inclusive society. Likewise, artistic expressions have captured this concept in music and movies. More importantly, when it comes to digital collectibles, these concepts find expression in the world of NFT women.

World of Women aims to build the world’s first fully inclusive web3 through its fundraising and community support. World of Women seeks to improve diversity in the NFT space and ensure the creation of equal opportunities for all. World of Women offers 10,000 items with a sales volume of $123 million.

These features make World of Women one of NFT Blue Chip’s popular projects, especially for its 5,436 collectors, who fetch $11,000 on an average sale.

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What makes an NFT project a Blue Chip NFT project?

Several factors and metrics can determine whether an NFT project is one of the best blue chip NFT projects. These factors include brand identity, developer reputation, track record, and usefulness of the project. To fully understand what defines an NFT project as a blue-chip, we will briefly ask a few questions;

  • The identity of Blue Chip NFTs.

An important metric that can be used to determine Blue Chip NFTs is the identity of the brand issuing it. In any industry, setting up a project early helps define brand identity before the competition rages.

Thus, early establishment serves as leverage to get the required publicity that results in mass following. For example, if an NFT project debuts early in the NFT space, the drive for innovation is a factor that establishes its identity in the emerging industry. It helps to establish its reputation as a flagship project.

In the NFT space, NFT projects such as crypto punks that debuted early quickly gained mass recognition, followed by subsequent purchases and collection acquisition by users. These factors have contributed significantly to the emergence of crypto punks as a top notch global NFT project in 2022.

  • NFT Developer Reputation

To a large extent, Blue Chip NFTs can be determined by assessing the reputation of the developer. If the developer has a reputation for previous work experience or partnership with big companies such as Microsoft, Google, or Oracle, this helps improve the credibility of the team. Improving the credibility of the developer team, to a large extent, defines the tracking of the NFT project.

  • Usefulness of the NFT project.

A well-designed NFT project offers a clear roadmap that details the stages of the NFT project, and this is an important test that an NFT project must pass in order for it to be rated as an NFT BlueChip. An important concept that should be included in the roadmap is the usefulness of the project.

Blue Chip NFTs offer a concise and convenient reward for holders. If an NFT project is clear about its usefulness and how it wants to reward holders, it has passed one of three tests that qualify it to be rated as one of the top NFT projects.


While exploring the dynamic and complicated world of NFTs, the term “Blue Chip NFT” should pop up more times than necessary. And this is quite understandable, considering that several developer teams are trying to market their NFT project as a guaranteed stable investment vehicle to generate funds after long-term investment. However, the warning remains that NFT enthusiasts and potential investors should take the time to study NFT projects to make sure it is not a scam.

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