Andrinople Group Releases Largest Special Economic Zones Data Set Yet


Andrinople Group, the leading business intelligence company specializing in SEZs, has released the world’s largest dataset on Special Economic Zones to date. The dataset is interactive and you can visualize it here.

Special economic zones are geographic locations that have separate regulations from the rest of the country. While you may not have heard of SEZs, there are thousands of such areas around the world. The economic reach of special economic zones is greater than most might expect – Adrianople group co-founder Thibault Serlet says about 50% of manufactured goods have passed through a SEZ to some extent before reaching the shelves.

Map of SEZs by The Adrianople group

When asked for his take on the importance of SEZs and why Andrinople Group decided to release this dataset, Serlet replied:

This is the first attempt to map every SEZ in the world. This is important because people don’t realize the true scale of SEZs. The World Bank’s low estimate is that around 50% of all manufactured goods are manufactured or shipped through SEZs – however, due to the lack of statistics, it is difficult to know for sure.

What excites me most personally is the ability to use SEZs to foster innovation in highly regulated industries. Governments feel safer experimenting with them in physically closed areas. That’s why you see all kinds of interesting projects in the fields of cannabis, medicine and bioengineering.

This is why many SEZs are pioneering the adoption of blockchain from Iran to the Cayman Islands; from Belarus to Honduras.

To learn more about special economic zones, see Benzinga’s exclusive interview with the co-founder of the Andrinople group, Thibault Serlet.


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