Air quality panel orders immediate shutdown of NCR industries that do not use cleaner fuels

In harsh action against industries, the Air Quality Management Commission (CAQM) on Tuesday ordered the immediate shutdown of all NCR industries that have not switched to cleaner fuels in industrial areas despite their availablity.

The CAQM said that offending industries / industrial units will not be allowed to operate until December 12, 2021 and the position will be reconsidered for further decisions.

“There is an urgent need for preventive measures, in extreme emergencies, to prevent further deterioration of air quality. CAQM flying squads will initiate special training and inspect venues to ensure compliance, ” the commission said.

“Strict implementation of the commission’s instructions must be ensured and closely monitored by the respective state governments and the Delhi government,” he said.

In its press release, the CAQM expressed concern about the “very poor” air quality in the capital and the NCR.

“Despite the measures taken in different sectors to improve air quality in Delhi-NCR, the air quality still remains in the category of ‘very bad’ to ‘severe’,” he said.

Given the need to apply strict measures against the deterioration of air quality in the region, the committee considers that it is urgent to take further preventive measures, as a matter of extreme urgency and with great caution, ” added the CAQM. .

According to the commission’s order of November 11, all industries in the NCR with gas connectivity will only operate on gas, otherwise the industries concerned will be closed.

It has also been ordered that all industries in the NCR where gas connectivity is available be immediately transferred to gas and state governments will be required to provide the date of transfer by sector.

In addition, the governments of the states of the NCR – Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, and the government of Delhi – have been required to put in place effective enforcement mechanisms, including intensive and continuous campaigns, by seconding a number sufficient teams of senior officers.

The commission said the flying squadrons it had delegated were conducting field visits and “rigorously inspecting” various sites contributing to the deteriorating air quality of Delhi-NCR and reporting their compliance with the instructions to the CAQM.

“The commission reviews progress daily by holding review meetings with the flying squadrons to take stock of the situation and take the necessary punitive action against offenders,” he said.

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