Air quality management readiness: Center worries about Punjab plan

Union Environment Minister Bhupender Yadav on Friday expressed “displeasure” over Punjab’s lack of preparedness for air quality management and noted “a huge gap” in the plan. the State for stubble management. Yadav said the Punjab government had failed to provide “adequate” measures for the management of nearly 5.75 million tonnes of stubble, which could have “negative impact” on air quality in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR).

Yadav gave an update on the preparedness of the NCR and neighboring states in the fight against air pollution saying that special attention over the next three months must be given to the burning of thatch of paddy, open biomass and municipal solid waste combustion, industrial and particulate emissions, dust emissions from construction, demolition activities and roads and open areas, which require mitigation.

“Given the criticality of air pollution issues, including the weather conditions around the Diwali festival, the minister has ordered special and timely measures to control air pollution levels,” he said. said a manager.

The Union Environment Ministry Secretary called on Punjab to expand the coverage of the area under bio-decomposer by “proactive action, especially as a marginal increase had been proposed in the coverage of the area under bio-decomposer – from 7,500 acres in 2021 to just 8,000 acres in 2022,” the ministry said.

“The CAQM Chairman also stressed the need for time-bound implementation of the action plan, especially by Punjab,” he added.

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